Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

Natsu no Yuutsu ~Time to Say Goodbye~ - L'Arc~en~Ciel

It’s just time to say good-bye
Oh oh time to say good-bye

Embraced by summer’s depression, I forgot sleep
Resting my chin on my hands my eyes were drawn to the swaying beach
You smile to me, as you’re blown by a fluttering wind
I was just chasing after the memory of those days long past

Even though I was brilliantly lit up like this radiant ray of sun
It’s just time to say good-bye
ah ah time to say good-bye
Informed by the flickering season
I forgot to bring along kindness, I’ll just keep walking towards tomorrow alone

While I lose sight of you, summer’s depression will fall upon me
Like that bird, swimming the unreachable sky
Your bare feet left only faint traces in the summer
Floating about in endless time, nothing is enough anymore
It’s just time to say good-bye
ah ah time to say good-bye

I informed the you from those days
Because I want to search history alone for the lost key to the door

Summer’s depression…
Ah, it must go already, for the fall will come…

And then I lost sleep
And then I lost you
And then I lost my wings
And then I lost light

Even though I loved all of those things
It has all stopped breaking
Ah what can I keep believing in anymore?
It will fall upon me… summer’s depression

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