Minggu, 15 April 2012

bitter talker, sweet act

you said that you really happy if she left you alone,,
but, actually, you really do miss her..
every time the phone ringing, you picked it up and call her name..
you really want her to call you.
but you don't want call her.
she wont ever call you.
you already make her heart broken.

you try to forget it and act happy,
like nothing happened.
but you can't, because you really do miss her.
you still waited her to call you,
but no calling from her.
and it annoy you.

and, you decided to come to her place,
to erase your worry,
to meet her,
to make your heart stay relax,
near her..

she hug you tightly,
and even punch you a bit.
maybe because of your bad behaviour?
that always talk bitter things.
she lay her head on your shoulder,
and you let her crying on your shoulder,
you hug her tightly.

you really do miss her..
you need her to always beside you, don't you?
why always being a liar?
just confess to her,
and let her express her feeling towards you.

if you that happy to be beside her,
why you prolong you confession?
she'll waiting for you.
I know, she'll accepted you,
maybe because of your sweet act?

_sweet 18_

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