Kamis, 12 April 2012

A Love Letter

That day,
you gave me a love letter.
A white envelope,
there was your handwriting inside.

The love letter you gave me,
you told me that was a love letter.

The letter told me
that you want to end it.
Our relationship.
The letter told me that you want
me not to meet you anymore.
You end it one-sided.
Our relationship.

You lying to me.
You are a big liar.
You can give this with smile, huh?
You're so selfish.

You left me.
You left me without a reason.
A real reason.

The distance?
Is it the matter?
That's not true.
Something going wrong.

You hide something behind you.
You let me not knowing anything about you.
You keep yourself inside.
You let me not to understand you.
You are always like this.
Left me behind.
Without a reason.

You left me crying alone.
Without a reason.
You let my eyes dropping its water.
Unstopable cry.
You let me feel this feeling.

The love letter you gave me
two years ago,
it was drown by my tears.

by: Mariska Amalia Setiabudi

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  2. thank you ^_^
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